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So I’m a legit film maker now?

I still don’t believe it. I don’t know how this rough, little video piece that I ‘hammered’ and ‘ducked tapped’ together using a second-hand laptop got selected to be in the 18th edition of the International Morelia Film Festival, but there it was. Right there along side professionally produced work. Some were even backed by Guillermo del Toro!  

It was both a moment of pride and humility. Taking those steps into another, unfamiliar world makes you keenly aware of how small and inexperienced you are. 

cropped out man resting his boots crosslegged on the back of a seat in an empty movie theater.
Las botas del Norteño

Though it was in the running for prizes, there was no expectation that A Home For The Brave would win anything. The honor was for it to be there at all! 

The drawing animation was shown in the company of these clever, funny, poignant, whimsical works:

  • A Home for the Brave | Hugo Crosthwaite
  • In the Lead | Andrea Santiago
  • The Beast | Ram Tamez, Marlijn van Nuenen, Alfredo Gerard Kuttikatt
  • The Parade of the Absent | Marcos Almada
  • Introduction to the History of Western Philosophy | Aria Covamonas
  • Our Perpetual Now | Jorge Aguilar Rojo <– winner
  • Pixel + Dynamite | Fernando Llanos 
  • Revolykus | Victor Orozco Ramirez <– honorable mention
  • ALL THIS HAPPENS WHILE YOU SLEEP (and you can’t see what I dream) – Vol. 4 | Adrián Quintero Mármol Martínez
  • A Wooden Toy Dreamed of Paper Boats | Mauricio Hernandez Serrano

man wearing beanie as see from behind looking out at the main plaza in Morelia.
the beanie is because someone hasn’t been to a barber since before March

Have you ever felt the ‘imposter syndrome’ loom large over your shoulder? Leave a comment!  

Post Script

Are you asking yourself why you can’t see the A Home For The Brave? Well, because maybe it’s heading over to Toulouse, France! I’ll let you know when I know more.

In the meanwhile, I am raising funds to buy a new computer. If you would like to help me purchase better equipment that won’t crash while I work, please click the Buy Me a Coffee link at the bottom of the page!

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