Dry Scalp

Dry scalp
It shows
My hair is dark enough to show it off
Tactless boys will point it out to you out loud
Endless snow
Endless desert
Came out of the drought with the drought in my veins 
I wasn't thinking about looks
I hoped to stay alive
Scratching my peeling white lip 
Skin is hesitant to pull away
The blood comes out of the broken vessels
My fingernails rust
Salt cures but there is no healing 
Salchica is made
It's too dry for tears
A circle of white pure mineral sprinkled around
Might have done a healing
Make the elaborate veve of my name
Stop the desert from deepening
So much is like winter
The wan sun
The gods knew what to do in all seasons
But not this one
They will not come back
My teeth rot, swimming in chocolates
Comfort, Comfort, what form do you take now?