Riding in my very own Bogie Man
He has no heart
No soul
So I can fit inside
So he can rock me to sleep

I remember the old stories

Monster will come in the night
Monster will slay you if you’re not in bed
Monster will surely get you if you aren’t sleeping

I knew all about him
Casting along
Rushing on his course
Disturbing the quiet
Displacing the air

Just a machine.

Just a machine?!

He thrilled me to sleep every night
The sound of his call
That howl and the eerie roaring
Made me pull the sheets over
Up to my eyeballs

Comforted that I might get killed

He might take me
If I don’t close my eyes
If I’m not quick in bed
If I’m not fast asleep
If I’m not in my place

It was a fun game
To think of my impending destruction

I know now it is all true
Not just a game for children
For here am I
Far from my bed
And he has come for me

I must lay my head between sharp teeth
Curl up quietly on the tracks
So my hollow Bogie Man can swallow me whole

So I can die in the shell of my monster machine
And he can take me to a better heaven