Fridays and Sundays in February 2015

15, 20, 22; 3 – 7pm

This new piece will be a time-based performance. However long you wish to stay, watch and listen is entirely your choice.

The poem below entitled So To The Sea will be featured throughout each performance in English and English translated into Spanish by Google.

So to the sea, to the sea
Where I sent my dreams
I went to that shifting shore to gather them back to me
Those hopes taking the enticing shapes of
Abandoned spidery exoskeletons, bladder wracks and worn glass
All at my feet once more for the taking
Exquisite things, new with salt memories and feelings of vast expanses
Yet even there
Twenty paces more to the sea
I was met with a pissant prophet flapping at me with no sense words
Driving me back with rancid brine wind
Waving a horse the color of everything around and around
A mirror horse of all my night-mares
Screaming at the coming dawn
Screaming me to tears
Salts to The Salt
I was almost sleeping