MM Moose Knuckles Jackets

What you are about to read is five stanzas of lightly edited, found poetry from bots trying to advertise winter clothing. This is bot speak from ‘the olden times’ so it makes very little sense.

Also, the text is perhaps translated badly from Chinese. This is only a guess based on the apparent song title mentioned in the lines. (Yeah, I did some research into it.)

It’s quite absurd so I recommend that you have an elastic brain when you read it. Do enjoy.

who wants to say goodbye to dull winter flu
-but oh,
this light purple jacket coat in winter looks exceptionally gentle
touch of color is very seductive,
big fur collar make the MM looks
not only witty but also extremely worn
the gentle, gray sweater with white feet pants and sneakers,
as a very fashionable and stylish winter!

down with the u.s.
and also the delightful combination of fashion
and classic vesture for girls of religion,
they’re interested
urban family;
age: 25-45, years: recent;
they pursue fashionable however not to a fault exaggerated,
leisure gets pleasure from romantic moose knuckle jacket fashion
sees: classic.

willing to possess a style of urban girls
to supply additional quality and intellectual product,
to go for a look of religious freedom
and women’s brands.
let girls wear The Hours / Time Is Like A Song
(Sui Yue Ru Ge) (岁月如歌)
additional intellectual,
assured full strength.
girls have The Hours / Time Is Like A Song
(Sui Yue Ru Ge) (岁月如歌)
of intellectual and tasteful,
intelligent and low-key;
their sleek 0000 is the pursuit of the proper, romantic, exquisite top quality
of the lifetime of the girl.

Simple and elegant white jacket version of the type,
so gentle and charming MM are easily piercing elegance.
waist design allows the MM wear a sexy waistline too!
In the winter cheap Moose Knuckle Jackets
women’s for sale Canada
as then not significantly bloated sense of it!
fur clothing and body design are very fashionable
significant level
gray sweater with a printed package hip skirt,
so the MM winter wear clothing
charming temperament!

Viewing this was once the temperature too clear
cold wind whistling
sort of- to scrape the South Ladies
has aforesaid they may not carry
therefore very little evil wind.
at this moment, your wardrobe is now started to shout
to welcome the new members of the -?
so, conjointly to the sunshine and heat of the composite ind / ex
up one product –
sparkling debut moment
down jacket.