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Men with the danger of fire in their mouths spit it out for sale to any one for a peso or two in return
Even the taxi van driver pauses behind a row of red tale lights to buy flavored ice for his daughter
The other little girl is told to sit down by her elder
I felt like both of those kids while in that shared cab
The road paving is finally getting done now that there is a lull in the tourist traffic
Where are all the boys with the fire in their fists
And the dizzy in their heads
They make hits but not on me
No where when I am near
Muy peligroso? Donde?
The young lovers still walk slow and laugh in their public privacy
The schoolgirl fantasy hookers will stand on the street any way
But there were also Menonites on holiday a block or two away
The dog pack is even doing it’s own scavaging thing
La Mona is standing
even though shabier than before she reaches up
And that dividing wall covered in crosses for those who died of being illegal stands to the wonderment of all
This living place made more alive because he sleeps now 8am
dreaming of spray painted letters and tin roof shacks always looking bright after rainfall
Rumbles and sings
I don’t know all the words
But this is my first time mumbling along

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